Dear Job-Seekers, Growing Professionals, Teams, and Dog Lovers,

When I was in my twenties I really wanted a pug. Not only do I absolutely love pugs, but my best friend Todd had a pug. So ..... I adopted my first, Colby. He quickly became a part of my heart and soul. But, shortly after the adoption, Todd died and I was left with a beautiful reminder of our friendship.

About a year later, Colby had a stroke and he became paralyzed. The vet said that most people would put him down, but I was not going to be one of those people. I spent thousands of dollars and many hours of treatment on him, and he lived another healthy ten years. I was determined not to give up on him, and I didn't.

My strong will and fiery passion (that some may call arrogance) does not just apply to my dog. It applies to my company. It applies to you. You are my Colby.

Kim Weed, CEO and Founder, MBA, SHRM-SCP